VENUS Gallery is a digital and paper magazine dedicated to beauty and elegance as well as a software platform enabling influencers to be more trasparent and infuential over potential buyers and, last but not least, a social network where the stakeholders (listed below) work together and meet the community.

The project revolves around our models and the pictures exalting their qualities. VENUS Gallery adds value and reinvents their role in an innovative way.

They are the artists of the project. Their creativity turns the pictures into art which inspires the community of VENUS Gallery.

VENUS Gallery believes and invests in a form of marketing in which the focus is placed on influential people. Influencers are the individuals who have influence over potential buyers, contributing to the project development at the same time.

Pictures capture inspiring moments that tell stories. These can be experienced in person by the community of VENUS Gallery, thanks to the work of agents who organise exclusive events.

The best locales can work with the agents to host exclusive events related to the opportunities offered by VENUS Gallery.

Coaches are models, photographers and influencers with successful stories behind them. With their experience and support the models can project a more effective image and the education programs produce excellent freshers.

Make-Up Artists
Well done make-up during shootings is essential to exalt the beauty of our models and only the presence of a professional can get excellent results.

Location Owners
A shoot is a synchronised explosion of all the elements involved. Among them the location plays an important role. Hence, the location owners are considered precious partners of VENUS Gallery.

Emerging companies and craftsmen can multiply their opportunities to grow. Top brands can reaffirm their prestigious position and invest in the brands of the future. The community of VENUS Gallery loves the idea of buying unique products and services.

All the components (magazine, platform and network) are seamlessly integrated to inspire and involve a demanding community made of men and women who love our stylish models and the creative work to exalt their qualities.

The members are, on the one hand, people who show a keen interest and involvement in the world of culture and creative industries, and, on the other hand, aspiring models, photographers, influencers, etc., who experience and assess what the project and related programs have to offer.

All of them are essential and are at the center of our designing process. In fact, every edition of the magazine is a result of a collaborative work on our social network and includes votes, suggestions and interactions. These relationships are even enforced during our exclusive and inspiring events.

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